Monday, September 4, 2017


I Was Just Thinking About – RESPECT.

A current and general news story records the following: “The Cleveland Browns made pre-season headlines last month for a non-football related reason: 12 of their players refused to stand for the national anthem during a pre-season game, one of the biggest NFL-related anthem protest to date. Now, Cleveland-area first responders are firing back. In the wake of the protest, area-first responders say that if football players don’t want to respect America, the American flag and the national anthem then they aren’t going to hold a large field-size American flag during the national anthem at the Browns’ first game this season.” The issue of for the first responders: “if football players don’t want to respect America, the American flag and the national anthem…” It is a failure to respect part of what is foundational to the nation.

Overall, there is a broader area of disrespect when it comes to the levels of authority and to the elders who are part of the population. There is a premise of the Lord that is being ignored in this country and culture. In Leviticus 19:32 (NASB), we read: “You shall rise up before the gray-headed and honor the aged, and you shall revere your God; I am the Lord.” This is a mandate of our Lord. Is it being heard, obeyed, implemented adequately today? Sadly, the answer is – No! The NLT paraphrases this verse: “Stand up in the presence of the elderly, and show respect for the aged. Fear your God. I am the Lord.” What does it mean to show respect? On the webpage,, the definitions given are: “People respect others who are impressive for any reason, such as being in authority, like a teacher or policeman, or being older like a grandparent. You show respect by being polite and kind. For a lot of people, taking your hat off is a show of respect. When people are insulted or treated badly, they feel they haven't been treated with respect. You can respect things as well as people. Saying the Pledge of Allegiance shows respect to your country.

Respect is: “to regard highly, to think much of.” Romans 13:7 (ESV) enjoins one to: “Pay to all what is owed to them: taxes to whom taxes are owed, revenue to whom revenue is owed, respect to whom respect is owed, honor to whom honor is owed.” In the brashness of youth and young adults, they have convinced themselves that anyone older or in a position of authority must earn their respect. While they are sadly mistaken, a reason may be that God is being ignored in our schools and culture. In their ignorance and rebellion, the younger generation goes on disobeying Him and destroying foundational principles as they protest and insist on removing symbols of our historic heritage.

Prayerfully – consider these things with me.

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